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Spy Camera VS Surveillance Camera

Spy camera and surveillance camera are capable of capturing video and sometimes audio too. There are wired and wireless type. A wired spy camera or surveillance camera is connected to a storage device, whereas wireless transmits the recording to a receiver within a small radius.
Both spy camera and surveillance camera is mainly used for surveillance activities. The reason of using spy camera or surveillance camera could be different. Whether it's being used for good or bad purpose.
Anyway, there are two same reasons of using them. First reason is to monitor. Secondly is to provide proof. Now let's see what are the differences between spy camera and surveillance camera.
FEATURES Spy camera Sometime spy camera is called hidden camera. It is also named nanny camera due to the common use of spy camera in checking on caregivers' treatment of children. Not all nanny camera is small enough to be a spy or hidden camera.
Spy cameras are usually disguised as ordinary objects in the e…
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Ultra Thin Camera Cover for Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop

Ultra Thin Webcam Cover Privacy Protection Shutter Sticker Cover Case For Smartphone Tablet Laptop

Features Ultra thin design compatible for camera lens on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Length: 18.5mm Width: 9mm Thickness: 1mm Material: plastic Color: black


Remove the back 3M tape.Stick the Webcam Cover over the camera and ptess firmly for a while.Slide the cover to open and close the camera.Helpful Tip : The cover will he fully adhered after 24 hours.

Package includes 1 x Webcam Cover <

12 Reasons Why You Need a Spy Camera Detector

Nowadays spy camera or hidden camera can be easily purchased online. The hidden camera may come in many shapes and sizes. The reasons people buy spy camera? Some with bad intentions and some with good intentions.

Do you have a spy camera detector a.k.a hidden camera detector? If you don't, I want to give you 12 reasons why you need a spy camera detector.

1. You are a woman
If you are a woman, girl, lady, babe, female or in the same category, you need at least one spy camera detector. You never know if you are being watched by bad guy even in your own house.

2. You are the man

If you are the man, you need to protect your wife, mom, daughter or any female in your family from being spied. You are the man? Go get yourself a spy camera detector.

3. Activity in bedroom.

You don't want to change clothes while being watched by stranger or sick pervert guy. If you are married, you really need some or at least a lot of privacy times in bedroom. Right?

4. Hate being monitored in kitchen


Spycam Porn in South Korea

It's a bad news to all woman in South Korea. Public toilets in South Korea are not safe for woman if the criminal is still free. Maybe the culprit are more than one. How about you guys read the full news about Spycam Porn in South Korea.

By The Korea Herald Asia News Network Seoul
Public bathrooms in all transportation hubs in South Korea, including airports, bus terminals, metro and train stations, will be regularly monitored as a measure to better deal with secret cameras installed in public toilets, as well as spy cam pornography that has been prevalent in the cyberspace in the country, its government announced Sunday.
Spycam pornography, locally known as "molka," generally refers to secretly produced, sexually exploitive videos or pictures of women in public spaces, such as restrooms and subways, among others. Such contents have also been created and shared online by victims' ex-boyfriends, typically in retaliation with the intent to damage the women's fut…

Sleauthgear Law-Grade Counter RF Detector

Sleauthgear Law-Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep 10GHz - Equipped with both RF detection and a camera lens finder. Handheld Bug Sweep Detects All Active GPS Live Trackers and ALL Hidden Cameras

Product Description
SleuthGear™ MAXI-TECH DEFENDER Law-Grade Counter Surveillance PRO Sweep Deluxe 10G - Newest Upgraded 10G Model for Professional Security Bug Sweep Detection.
From 10MHz up to 10GHz. Now increased detection capacity - you can find all modern transmitting frequencies up to 10GHz!
Are You Bugged or Spied On? Being Tracked by GPS? Now you could know for sure in seconds.
Best Advanced Bug Detector for Vehicle, Home, & Office Protection For Over 10 Years Running!
2 Vital Function : Wireless confirmation and detection up to 10GHz.Camera lens finder with precision location.
In seconds you could detect AND prevent all these spying devices: Wired and Wireless CamerasWireless MicsAudio Transmitter BugsVideo TransmittersGPS tracking (when device is transmitting)All Wireless Transmi…

CX007 Multifunction RF Detector

CX007 Multi Function RF Signal Camera Phone GSM GPS WiFi Bug Detector Finder With Alarm For Security

Auto-detection mode to detect live on the go. Laser Detection from 10cm to 10m (the naked eye can identify red flashing). Radio Detection from 5cm to 10m.

Wireless Sweep frequency detection range from 1MHz to 6.5GHz. Sensitivity adjustment to narrow or widen the detection range.

Built-in rechargeable battery with low-voltage warning. Rubberized coating, high temperature resistant and built-in clock.

Detection Modes
1. Laser
2. Vibration (mute)
3. Beep
4. LED display
5. Headset (included)

Laser detection distance of 10cm-10m.Radio detection range 5cm-10m.Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range 30-50cm.Power in the 300mv-600mv detection range 100-200cm.Power in the 800mv-1200mv detection range 300-800cm.Power: built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAH.Current consumption: 8mA.Probe laser wave length of 920mm.Receive frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz.Special dedicated optical…

4 Reasons why spying is bad