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Do you think you need RF detector?

First of all, what is RF detector? RF stands for Radio Frequency so RF detector is Radio Frequency detector. RF detector is used to detects hidden electronic devices such as hidden cameras and hidden microphones.

You may call it hidden camera detector, hidden microphone detector, anti spy gadget, anti spy device and what else should it be called? Lets call it RF detector for now OK? At least while you are still reading my article.

Who needs RF detector? The first people who needs it is woman. Why? Because bad guys always choose woman as their easy target. I m not saying man should not buy it but woman nowadays really needs it.

Woman should learn how to detect hidden cameras. Start looking in the house especially bedroom and toilet or bathroom. You may look at the kitchen too. Not just house, whenever you go you must check if there is hidden camera especially in fitting room, hotel's room, public toilet etc.

How to find hidden camera without RF detector? Switch off the light and make sure it's really dark. Use camera app in the smartphone and look through it. Walk slowly, start looking on the wall and ceiling.

If there is a hidden camera, a red light will be visible from your phone's screen. If you manage to find one hidden camera, you should keep checking every nook and cranny to find if there are another hidden cameras installed. The size of hidden camera could be as small as the tip of the pen.

G318 RF detector
G318 wireless camera detector.
The easiest way is to get yourself a G318 RF detector. It's a reliable hidden camera detector. If you are on low budget, you should go for a pinhole eavesdrop wireless detector.
Pinhole eavesdrop wireless detector
Pinhole eavesdrop wireless detector
What to do after you found the hidden camera? There are three options you can choose. I suggests you choose the first option.

First option is not to touch the hidden camera. Call the police to see the hidden camera and investigate it. Let them catch the culprit and handle the rest.

Second option is to block the lens view or take off the hidden camera. You can close the view of lens by put something on it or wrap it with colored sellotape. Its up to you if you choose to break hidden camera or just throw it away.  This option would teach the culprit that you are not an easy target. Hopefully he would not wasting money to buy another hidden camera and try to spy on you again. Yes, you can break or throw it again each time the culprit put another hidden camera.

Third option is to confront the culprit. Check on his desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, hard disk, memory card, pendrive etc. If he had a video records of you, just delete it on the spot. If he got another victim's video recorded, you can delete it too. Give warning to the culprit not to do this again or else he will face the consequences. This option is very dangerous if the culprit is more than one and armed.

Please choose the first option. Its the safest option for you if you find the hidden camera. You never know what the culprit will do to you if his bad intentions had been revealed.

If the culprit is getting the good preparation to spy on you, you must get the better preparation to counter it. Whatever you do, be safe is the top priority. Stay calm and be safe.


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