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12 Reasons Why You Need a Spy Camera Detector

Nowadays spy camera or hidden camera can be easily purchased online. The hidden camera may come in many shapes and sizes. The reasons people buy spy camera? Some with bad intentions and some with good intentions.

CX007 multifunction rf detector
CX007 Multifunction RF Detector
Do you have a spy camera detector a.k.a hidden camera detector? If you don't, I want to give you 12 reasons why you need a spy camera detector.

1. You are a woman

Woman in abaya
Woman in abaya
If you are a woman, girl, lady, babe, female or in the same category, you need at least one spy camera detector. You never know if you are being watched by bad guy even in your own house.

2. You are the man

Man in tank top
If you are the man, you need to protect your wife, mom, daughter or any female in your family from being spied. You are the man? Go get yourself a spy camera detector.

3. Activity in bedroom.

Upholsteted platform bed by Zinus
Upholstered platform bed by Zinus.
You don't want to change clothes while being watched by stranger or sick pervert guy. If you are married, you really need some or at least a lot of privacy times in bedroom. Right?

4. Hate being monitored in kitchen

Kitchen's design by Ottoman
It's okay if your kids are watching what you cooks for them. Maybe you are not naked in the kitchen while cooking or eating. How about if you are planning a 3 days family trip with your husband/wife and a burglar know about it too. The burglar know when is the right time to steal any valuable things in your house. That's just one example of burglar. How about if you are being monitored by kidnapper, rapper, killer, psycopath guy, etc?

5. Need privacy in living room

Glow in the dark wall stickers
Glow in the dark wall in living room.
Who said you don't need privacy in your living room? Maybe a couple of newly wed want to have some intimacies action in the living room? They have the right not being spied while doing it in living room.

6. Hate being watched while bathing

Dreamline shower
Dreamline shower room.
It's normal if you naked while taking a bath. But it's embarassing to let anyone else watching you naked in a shower room.

7. Need a peaceful time in toilet

Woodbridge T-0001
Woodbridge toilet.
Don't allow any sicko pervert guy records you while you are peeing or pooping in the toilet. What a dangerous world when you can't use toilet peacefully in your own house. No privacy, no peaceful.

8. Need privacy in hotel room

Choose hotel at hotels
Normal newly-wed's couple or more-than-10-years-wed's couple really need privacy when they are on vacation. No need to know what they are doing to each other in hotel's room.

9. Hate being recorded in dressing room

Dressing room by Huanyi
You need to try new jeans before you buy it. That's where the dressing room is needed. It should be a private area for you or any customer to try on new dress, pants, blouse, etc.

10. Have to use public toilet

Funny toilet's entrance sign
Funny toilet entrance by Oppohere.
When you are not at home, you have to use public toilet when the urged arise. Don't let the spy camera records any of your "emptying process" and "cleaning process" in public toilet.

11. Traveller's privacy

Gift card airbnb
Find homestay at airbnb
Maybe you are not renting hotel or motel. You need to be careful even you are renting a very cheap apartment for one night only. You should use a spy camera detector to check your renting place. Better be careful than show a free entertainment in front of pervert guy's hidden camera.

12. Easy buy spy camera detector

CC308 RF detector
CC308+ RF detector
How to buy a spy camera detector? You can  type "spy camera detector" on Google. A list of different type of spy camera detector would be available for you to buy. It'll be easier if you just go to Amazon or Banggood to find it. To make it more easy for you, just buy the Pinhole eavesdrop wireless detector for $6.99 only. If you want a better quality of spy camera detector, I recommend you Law-grade counter RF detector for $195.

To make it short, it's all about protecting your privacy. Two or three from 12 reasons here are good enough for you? Come on, get yourself a spy camera detector now.

What? Not even one from 12 reasons here is not good enough for you? All right, you shouldn't buy any spy camera detector.

Anyway if you have another reason than the 12 reasons here, I think you should buy at least one spy camera detector.


  1. After read your article i think its so important for everyone have they own spy camera detector..thanks so much for sharing this good info..

  2. Hey man, After reading the article I realized how much it is important for me tnx ,by the way love your articles.

    1. Thank you for your visit on my low PR blog here. Really appreciate your comment.


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