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4 Reasons why spying is bad

1. Illegal
Spying on someone is illegal. There's a law about spying in each country in the world. The punishment may vary according to different country.

2. Criminal
a. Privacy invasion
Even if there is no law about spying, people still needs privacy. Do you think the most famous celebrity don't need privacy?

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If you are looking at Dwayne Johnson's Instagram, thats not spying. You are allowed to read, watch or hear anything he shares on his social media unless he blocks you. But, if you put hidden camera or any hidden electronic bugs in his house, thats what we called privacy invasion. You don't want to mess with The Rock.

b. Property invasion
I would give you one example for this one. You be an employee in the most tight security to help gang's robbery. This had to be done by entering the place.

Just installing hidden camera is not enough. Need to learn every ins and outs of the place. Need to gain trusts from all staffs for vital informations.

This kind of spying is dangerous. Pretend to be innocent but with bad intentions. Even if you are not get caught for spying, you are still a culprit.

3. Wasting
a. Waste of money
You need to buy some items to spy. When you are caught using them for spying, they will probably be confiscated. Not only that, you may end up like Peter Cooksey if you live in United Kingdom.

Converting money by Google.

One of the punisment for Peter Cooksey is pay £1000 (USD1312.21) to each victim.

b. Waste of time
If you are not buying any equipments to spy, how do you want to spy?
Climbing the neighbor's house?
Peek on someone's shower room?
Peek on someone's bedroom?

You are really brave but with low quality of brain if you really do those things. It's a waste of times.

4. Enemy
If you are spying on me, you are my enemy. If you are spying on neighbor's daughter, you are her enemy and her family would hate you. Even you are not arrested for spying but you are the enemy to the people you spy. Worst thing could happen is you will not be trusted by your own family and friends.

That's all for the reason on why spying is bad. If you want to know about why spying is good, you may read my previous article 5 reasons why spying is good.


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