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CX007 Multifunction RF Detector

CX007 Multi Function RF Signal Camera Phone GSM GPS WiFi Bug Detector Finder With Alarm For Security


Auto-detection mode to detect live on the go. Laser Detection from 10cm to 10m (the naked eye can identify red flashing). Radio Detection from 5cm to 10m.

Wireless Sweep frequency detection range from 1MHz to 6.5GHz. Sensitivity adjustment to narrow or widen the detection range.

Built-in rechargeable battery with low-voltage warning. Rubberized coating, high temperature resistant and built-in clock.

Detection Modes
1. Laser
2. Vibration (mute)
3. Beep
4. LED display
5. Headset (included)


  • Laser detection distance of 10cm-10m.
  • Radio detection range 5cm-10m.
  • Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range 30-50cm.
  • Power in the 300mv-600mv detection range 100-200cm.
  • Power in the 800mv-1200mv detection range 300-800cm.
  • Power: built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAH.
  • Current consumption: 8mA.
  • Probe laser wave length of 920mm.
  • Receive frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz.
  • Special dedicated optical lens filters.
  • Material: ABS plastic.

Package Contains
1x CX007 Detector
1 x AC Charger (US/EU Plug)
1 x Earphone
1 x User Manual (English)


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