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Extremely Fun Way of Using Spy Gadgets

If you are a positive thinker you would always come up with positive plan. No doubt spy gadgets could be use for bad things. I don't want to talk about bad things in this topic.
Positive vibe only
Lets be positive! Come on check these out on how to get fun with spy gadgets.

Walkie Talkie
If you are travelling in a group of your family or friends, why don't you keep in touch with walkie talkie? I know your smartphone can do the same thing but walkie talkie could be fun in several situations. No need to make phone call, typing message or get internet connection to contact anyone in your group. Just use walkie talkie in a certain range of course.

Walkie talkie water proof
You could use walkie talkie when you go camping or hunting in the jungle too. You could get faster response using walkie talkie than mobile phone. Really?

If you are calling someone using phone, that someone over there need to hear ringtone or feel the vibrate in the pocket. He or she needs to take out the phone and look at the screen. Need to know who's calling right? Finally he/she will answer your call.

Walkie talkie? The people you contact will hear your voice immediately. He/she will response to you faster by using walkie talkie.

GPS Tracker
You could use GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker to play find treasures, hide-and-seek and any searching game.
Gps tracker
If you have 6 years old kid, I recommend you this game. Instead of giving the present by hand, why don't you ask your kid to search for it? This is interesting!

Put GPS tracker on the present box and hide it somewhere secretly. Lend your smartphone or GPS detector device to your kid. If you have more than one kid, ask them to coorperate to find the present box. The rewards would be split equally between them.

To make it more fun you could put several fake present boxes in different locations with GPS tracker on each of it. Put a piece of paper in fake present box such as "Try again" or clue on how to get the real present. Make your kid's brain stimulating and have fun at the same time.

Grown up guys can play this kind of game too. Chase and catch or hide and seek is another game you could play with GPS tracker. Play at residential area or any large place such as in the city, jungle, etc.

Night vision goggles
You should wear night vision goggles if you are having night activities such as fishing, hunting or camping. Not fun enough? Ok how about paintball?

Night vision goggles
Play paintball at night without any light. Your view is only through your night vision goggles. It would be an amazing experiences. You are the "killer" in the darkness of night.

Helmet camera
You likes outdoor activity such as cycling, climbing, skiing, skating or any extreme activity? You should wear helmet cam.
Helmet camera
Capture amazing moments and share it with your friends. You may upload your video on youtube for the world to see. Alternatively you can upload it to your blog or any social media network.

Spy camera
Some guys are doing crazy things in front of camera to get attention. Some guys are camera shy. This is where spy camera is needed for the camera-shy-guy.
Spy camera
Put your spy cam in your shirt, hat or other appliances in your house. Meet your friends and let them do the all out funny talk or the craziest funny action. Don't let them know they are being recorded.

Show them the recorded video on the next day. Share your laughter together. It would be a very good memory of amazing times with your friends.

Maybe you have a better idea on having fun way of using spy gadget? What do you think?

P/s : Own a portable jammer is illegal.


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