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16 Safety Tips Before Leaving Your Home for Long Vacation

Are you ready for a long vacation? Don't forget your passport, bags, mobile phone and any important things before travelling.

Anything else? It's your home and anything left inside it. Your precious house is empty when you left for a long vacation right?
We don't want any bad guy entering our precious house so that's why you are here reading my blog. I just want to share some good tips before you left your home for a long vacation. OK let's begin..
1. Do not post about it on social media. It's a big mistake to tell someone that you are going for a long vacation on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and the rest of social media. The culprit might translate your post as "Leaving my home empty for break-ins".
Just upload about your vacation after you come back to your home.
2. Ask your neighbor for help Dont ask your neighbor for 24 hours protection. Just ask them to take a look if someone try to break in your house. Give your phone number to your neighbor. Ask…

Spy Camera at Airbnb Flat

Is it safe to rent apartment via Airbnb? Few days ago, hidden camera found in apartment had been viraled. Let's read the news here.
A couple claim to have discovered a secret camera hidden in a digital clock in the Airbnb flat they were renting.
Dougie Hamilton and his girlfriend say the camera – which was pointed towards their bed in the holiday apartment – was disguised as a clock but looked suspicious.
The 34-year-old said he started investigating the clock after a day of exploring in Toronto, Canada. He had recently watched a YouTube video on secret ‘spy’ cameras hidden in cuddly toys and buttons, Dougie said. 
But when he picked up the clock he managed to slide its face off quite easily and was horrified to find a tiny lens that may have been recording them.
On September 7, Dougie, from Glasgow, posted about his discovery on Facebook, writing: ‘If you use Airbnb, then you’ll definitely want to read this and possibly stop using them.’
He explained: ‘We booked a one night sta…

Alibi Panoramic Dome Camera 8 Megapixels

Alibi 4K 8.0 Megapixel 180° Panoramic IP 100' IR Security Dome Camera
Key Features and Capabilities
Megapixel Resolution – Cover more area and see more detail.Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Gain better images in diverse lighting conditions.3D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) – Get exceptional video image quality with less noise.True Day/Night (ICR) – Enjoy around-the-clock surveillance.Free Alibi Witness iOS/Android App – View your video remotely from anywhere.Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Receive power and data through a single cable.ONVIF Compliance – Enjoy greater compatibility with more devices.

Specifications Imager Type : Progressive Scan CMOS Imager Size (in) : 1/2.8 Camera Resolution (px) : 4K 7008 × 1080 @ 30fps in panorama mode Megapixel : 8.0 Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) : 3D DNR Focal Length (mm) : 4.0 Ethernet Interface : RJ-45 Mounting Bracket Included : Yes Storage Capacity (GB) : micro SD card, (not included) up to 128 GB Outdoor : Yes Ingress Protection : IP67 …

Alibi CCTV 16 Dome Cameras 8 Megapixels

Alibi 16-camera 4K 8.0 Megapixel 120' IR Outdoor IP Dome Security Camera System with 16-Channel NVR

8.0 MP resolution HD video @ 20 fps4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution; 2560 x 1920 @ 30 fps2.8 mm lens offers 102° field of view Supports H.265+ / H.265 / H.264OVC / H.264 / MJPEGComes with 4TB hard drive and free mobile app.
The Alibi 5200 series features convenient plug and play support for compatible IP cameras up to 12.0MP resolution. The 16-Channel Rack-mount NVR has 4 hard drive bays that support up to 4 x 6TB hard drives and an incoming bandwidth of 160 Mbps to support up to 16 IP cameras. You can capture higher quality details with a recording resolution of up to 12.0MP. Local video outputs include HDMI and VGA. To experience ultra-crisp, high-resolution images, this NVR displays up to 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD). This NVR supports H.265, H.264 and H.264 OVC video codecs that help reduce file size, maximize recording time, and save hard drive space.


Top 10 Security Camera under $30

If you are looking for security camera under $30, you at the right place. Just look here. The list start from cheap to cheapest
1. Digoo DG-M1Z 1080P Shark 5 Megapixels $29.99

Click here for more info
2. 720P HD Security IP Mini WIFI Camera $27.89
Click here for more info
3. 1080P HD Wireless IP Camera $27.08
Click here for more info
4. Digoo BB-M1 Wireless Wifi Security Camera $25.99 Click here for more info

5. Neo Coolcam NIP-61 720P HD Wireless Camera $24.88

Click here for more info

6. Wifi ip 720P PTZ Camera $24.62

Click here for more info

7. 1080P HD IP Security Camera $23.33

Click here for more info

8. GUUDGO GD SC02 720P IP Camera

Click here for more info.

9. Neo Coolcam NIP-55 HD 720P Mini WIFI IP Camera $21.88

Click here for more info.

10. Hiseeu FH5 720P IP Camera $19.99

Click here for more info.

Problem installing IP Camera?
Click here for tutorial installing IP camera.

G-319 RF Detector

G-319 RF Signal Detector, Wireless Radio Frequency Ultra-high Sensitivity GSM Device Finder Scanner
Features Hidden Camera Detector Super-high sensitivity with adjustable threshold, stronger anti-jamming, wider range of detection frequency. Accurately detect and find the 5.8GHZ mini hidden camera, 1.2G/2.4G wireless IP cameras, 2G.3G.4G Cards with bugs and locators, high-speed uploading vehicle watch GPS trackers and CDMA 4G signals to prevent be pursued, monitored and intercepted.
Wireless Signals Detector The wireless detector adopting digital receiving mode can detect whether there is intense radio signals radiation around the living and working environments, whether there is strong electromagnetic radiation leaks to do harm to our health from the household appliances, such as refrigerators, TV, computers, air conditioning, or suspicious wireless signals.
RF Signal Detector Used for home, office, hotel, car, bathroom, changing room, business negotiation, confidential session, factories…

Tutorial How to Install IP Camera

Before you start installing your own IP camera, you need the right tools to do it. Another important thing you need to know is the location you want to put your IP camera. You may need  to buy some or all of the item in the list to install IP camera.
9 items to install IP Camera 1) IP Camera Of course you need IP camera to install IP camera.
2) RJ45 Cable You can use cable Cat 5 or Cat 5e or Cat 6.
3) Cable connector If you need to cut RJ45 cable, you need cable connector to connect it back with the cable.
4) EZ RJ45 Crimper You need this tool if you want to cut and connect the RJ45 cable.

5) Network LAN Hub Adapter If you have more than one IP camera, you shall use this to connect it to your computer.

6) Desktop computer
You need a desktop computer with internet connection so you can download the software to install IP camera.

7) Pencil Use it to mark on the wall, ceiling or any place you need to make hole on it.
8) Impact drill Be careful with this thing. Try to avoid using it unless you hav…

Top 3 Spy Camera Detector for under $10

You read that right. You can get one spy camera detector for $10 and under. OK, let's start from cheap to cheapest.

3) Wireless RF Signal Detector CC308 Multi Function Camera Bug GSM Alarm System WiFi GPS Laser 1MHz-6.5GHz Range Adjustable Sensitivity

Built in super bright red LED, can find out hidden camera. There are buzzer mode and vibrate mode for detecting spy camera. You can also used earphone to detect RF signal. Click here to buy it for only $9.36 or click here to read more about it.
2) Tukzer Anti-Spy RF Signal Bug Detection Ghost Detector / Wireless Hidden Camera Finder / Searching Detection Device for Privacy Protection

It's easy to use. Just pull the antenna to the maximum level, press and hold A button. Move the device to the ceiling or higher or longer distance place to check for hidden camera. If you want to check on short distance just press and hold button B.
It will beeps if there is a hidden camera nearby. The price is $8.99. Click here to buy or read more in…