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16 Safety Tips Before Leaving Your Home for Long Vacation

Are you ready for a long vacation? Don't forget your passport, bags, mobile phone and any important things before travelling.

Anything else? It's your home and anything left inside it. Your precious house is empty when you left for a long vacation right?

We don't want any bad guy entering our precious house so that's why you are here reading my blog. I just want to share some good tips before you left your home for a long vacation. OK let's begin..

1. Do not post about it on social media.
It's a big mistake to tell someone that you are going for a long vacation on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and the rest of social media. The culprit might translate your post as "Leaving my home empty for break-ins".
Identity probpem in facebook era
Just upload about your vacation after you come back to your home.

2. Ask your neighbor for help
Dont ask your neighbor for 24 hours protection. Just ask them to take a look if someone try to break in your house. Give your phone number to your neighbor. Ask your neighbor to contact you if anything happen at your house but hopefully nothing bad happen.
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 - Keep in touch with your neighbor.
Give them some gifts after you are safely returned from your long vacation.

3. Ask your family for help
It could be your mom, dad, brother, sister or any of your family member. Ask them to stay in your house and take care of it.
Iphone XS Max - Keep in touch with your family.
They deserved money or special gift after you come back from your vacation.

4. Ask your friend for help
Pick this option if you have a very trustworthy friend. You could ask him/her to stay in your house while you are away.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung S9 Plus - Keep in touch with your friends.
Give your friend some special gift after you are safely return to your home.

5. House Sitting
This is another good alternative for you. Ask some trustworthy guys to take care of your house while you are away. You got someone to take of your house and your house sitter get to use any foods, drinks and all the comfort of your house. A win-win situation. Read more about house-sitting here.

6. Install CCTV
It's a very pricey option but this is another good alternative for you. If you are not a techie guy, you should ask from professional to install CCTV at your home. Anyway, if you have a good budget and willing to watch tutorial video on youtube, I recommends you Alibi CCTV 8 Megapixels.

Alibi cctv

7. Warning sign
Already installed CCTV?  Come on put a warning sign.
No trespassing
Hopefully it will intimidate a burglar into finding decent job. Lol.

8. Clean everything
If you have any almost expired food, just eat all of it or give some to your neighbor, family, friend or just bring along for your long vacation. Take out your trash and throw it away. Clean every nook and cranny of your house.

Cleaning the house before enjoying long vacation is not just for hygiene but for your safety too. Hire someone if you can't do it by yourself. A lot of bugs going in and out of your house is a sign to burglar that your house is empty.

9. Lock everything
Lock down everything from your front door to your back door. If your garage don't have a lock, you should put one on it (or more than one). Don't forget to lock your vehicle too.
Padlock made in Poland
Make sure every door and window is locked before you leave.

10. Don't leave any spare key
If you have a spare key outside of your house, this time you should take it. Don't think the burglar can't find it if you hide your spare key in the vase, plant, shoe, eveey nook and cranny outside of your house. For your safety, don't leave your spare key at home.

11. Alarm security
If you have an IP camera with alarm system installed, you can skip this option.
Home Security alarm system
This would work great if the alarm is loud enough to wake the neighbor next to your house. Hopefully the burglar is scared and run away before taking any precious item from your house..

12. Set booby trap
I don't recommend this option unless burglars break-in are extremely dangerous in your neighborhood area.
Setting booby trap
So what is booby trap? A booby trap is simply any device that is designed to detect, injure, kill or simply to scare any intruder. 

13. Put all money in the bank
This option is a failproof if the burglar is very smart to outcome your alarm system, CCTV recording, booby trap and any obstacle at your home. A credit card or debit card and some cash like few thousands of USD might be enough for your travelling expenses right?

Put the rest of your cash in the bank. Let the bank take care of your money.

14. Put all gold and jewelry at pawn shop
After pick number 13 option, you should pick this option too. Use this option if you have a lot of blink-blink golden and jewelry in your house. If you are a woman just wear your ring and bracelet.

It would be better if you just wear the ring. You don't want to attract any thief or robber in your vacation. The rest of your gold and jewelry should go to the pawn shop.

Let the pawn shop take care of your precious items. You can take back all of your gold and jewelry at pawn shop after your long vacation. The pawn shop's charge may vary.

15. Take care of your vehicle
If you are driving yourself to the airport, make sure to lock your car properly. Write or type in the number of your car park's section/block/wall. This would help you to remember your car park's location after long vacation.
Autly steering lock
It would be better if you can park your car at your family, friend or neighbor's house. Let them drive your car in the exchange of your car is in good care. Ask them to start your engine for one minute at least twice a week if they are not driving your car.

16. Take care of your pet
Skip this option if you don't own any pet. For example you can put your cat at any reliable pet shop before you go for a long vacation. Alternatively you can put your cat at your neighbor, family or friend's house.

Ask them to take care of your cat. Give them your pet's food and any necessary item for your cat. You don't want your cat almost die (or die) because of hunger in your house. This stench of deceased animal could be a good sign to burglar that nobody is in your house.

OK that's all for now. Share this article to your neighbor, friend, family and strangers if you think this article is good. You got any awesome idea other than shared here?

Share your thought in comment section. Sharing is caring.


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