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Top 3 Spy Camera Detector for under $10

You read that right. You can get one spy camera detector for $10 and under. OK, let's start from cheap to cheapest.

3) Wireless RF Signal Detector CC308 Multi Function Camera Bug GSM Alarm System WiFi GPS Laser 1MHz-6.5GHz Range Adjustable Sensitivity

Spy camera detector
Built in super bright red LED, can find out hidden camera. There are buzzer mode and vibrate mode for detecting spy camera. You can also used earphone to detect RF signal. Click here to buy it for only $9.36 or click here to read more about it.

2) Tukzer Anti-Spy RF Signal Bug Detection Ghost Detector / Wireless Hidden Camera Finder / Searching Detection Device for Privacy Protection

Tukzer anti spy hidden camera detector
It's easy to use. Just pull the antenna to the maximum level, press and hold A button. Move the device to the ceiling or higher or longer distance place to check for hidden camera. If you want to check on short distance just press and hold button B.

It will beeps if there is a hidden camera nearby. The price is $8.99. Click here to buy or read more information about Tukzer Anti-Spy Camera Detector.
Capable of covering most wireless devices both video and audio types. It beeps when signal is detected from hidden cameras or any electronic devices. Detects wireless signal range between 100MHz to 2600MHz (2.6GHz).

Click here to buy it for only $6.99!!!

P/s : Lower than $6 is more tempting right?


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