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SENS8 Home Security Camera System with Alarm / Siren, 1080p Smart Wireless / Wi-Fi Indoor Camera, No Subscription, Work with Alexa using IFTTT, Night Vision, Two-way Audio

Elegant We designed SENS8 to be a beautiful work of art, combining form and function. The unibody design is intricately machined from solid aluminum.

Convenient Set up takes just minutes, and SENS8 can be placed anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet. It is completely portable, light-weight, and requires no installation. SENS8 embraces creativity with technology to ensure users have peace of mind whether they are home or not.
Motion-Activated Video Recording When SENS8 detects any unusual activity, its camera will be triggered to record what’s happening. You don’t have to check endless hours of footage of an empty room as only important activities will be captured.
5-Second Lookback To make sure you never miss anything important, SENS8 captures activity 5 seconds before a triggered event, so you will have access to the whole event, from start to finish.
SENS8 protects you even without AC power With other security devices, when an intruder cuts the power you are out of luck. SENS8 has …

Hidden camera in the bathroom of Alphagraphics

You think toilet at your workplace is safe? Your precious privacy part may be exposed to pervert guy. Ladies, always be alert with your surroundings. Look at the tissue's roll when you are in the toilet. A hidden camera can be found there. This spying peeping tom things happen in the women's toilet of Alphagraphics. A Madison guy was charged after he planted hidden camera in women's toilet of Alphagraphics. He claims he "didn't mean to violate" anyone's privacy when he hid the camera in the bathroom. That means he "protect women privacy" in toilet?
Stephen M. Schally, 62, has been charged with seven counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent, a Class I felony punishable by fines up to $10,000, or imprisonment of up to three years and six months, or both.
These incident shows that if you are a woman, you'll always being watched by someone. Ladies, take care of yourself from being spied. Your body is prettier, sexier and mor…

Fence for Security

Installing CCTV is a good way to record any movement in or out of your house. It would be better with alarm system which will alert the neighborhood and police nearby if the burglar in your house. Another extra security or privacy for your home would be surrounded by fences. I would like to share fencing companies that can be contacted in USA. Installing fence at your home area is good for the safety of your property. You may choose which company is the nearest to your home.
Fencing Companies in America Alabama Alabama Fence 1605 Highway 14 W, Prattville, Alabama 36067 Phone : 334-799-1224 Website :
Alaska AAA Fence Inc 1701 E. 82nd Avenue Anchorage, Alaska 99507 Phone : 907-349-7000 Website :
Arizona Arizona Fence Builders 515 E Carefree Highway. #722 Phoenix, Arizona 85085 Phone : 602-833-2400 Website :
Arkansas Arkansas Fence Post Office Box 7776,  Little Rock, Arkansas 72217 Phone : 501-771-9929 Fax : 886-24…

Burglar Scared by Someone Far Away

This is a proof that new technology in security could help you even you are 4000 miles away from your house. Well in these case, it's the Lillies Cafe in Wickford, Essex, England. You should watch these video now. A cafe owner scared off a burglar while on holiday 4,000 miles away - by talking through a CCTV device on his phone. Jamie Foster, 34, was on his way to the airport in the Dominican Republic when he terrified the raider by talking at his mobile phone. The businessman watched aghast from another continent as the cameras were activated in his cafe and he saw the intruder rifling through the till. But his voice startled the criminal, causing him to flee the Lillies Cafe in Wickford, Essex, with £50 in his hand.

Want to know what kind of CCTV used by Jamie Foster? Click here now.

Wireless WiFi Smart Home HD Video DoorBell Camera Phone Ring Intercom System

Features Support IE EE 802.11 b / g / n wireless.Support for AP mode and mobile phone in close connections, no data traffic is required to view the video.Support for Android and Apple system for mobile phones and tablets.Support 32G TF card.HD 1Mega pixels CMOS image sensor.Support two way voice intercom.Support free P2P cloud record alarm information.Support motion detection burglar alarm.Support tamper alarm.Support eight user simultaneously monitor.HD 720P video picture quality.Support indoor doorbell ringing function. Specification Camera: 1/4 inch 100W pixels Wireless wifi standard: IEEE802.11b / g / n Video Resolution: 720P MAX Minimum illumination: 2LUX Infrared night vision distance: 1.5-3 meters Field of view: > 100 degrees Indoor doorbell reception distance: > 8 meters Indoor doorbell working voltage: AC100-230V @ 50 / 60HZ Wireless unlocking distance: doorbell host > 5 meters, remote control (optional)> 8 meters, the standard does not unlock function Doorbell power supply: …

Couple Discover Hidden Camera in Beijing Apartment

Previously I already post about spy camera at Airbnb flat. In this article, I shared another similar incident. In Beijing, one couple found hidden camera in their rented apartment. Couple discover hidden camera in their rented Beijing apartment
After living for nearly half a year in a Beijing apartment that they had rented through a popular online platform, one couple made a horrifying discovery last month, a camera hidden inside a wall socket next to their bed. Thanks to a much-shared WeChat post, the anonymous couple’s story went viral recently with Ziroom, one of China’s largest online rental agencies, named as the provider of the room in the capital’s Chaoyang district. According to the post, the couple noticed a strange hole in the outlet on September 11th and covered it up with tape before calling the cops. The following day, officers arrived, dismantling the socket and discovering a small hidden camera that was equipped with a 16 GB memory card that could be accessed via Wifi. The …

Identity Theft and Invasion of Privacy

What is spy? Spy is secretly obtaining information about certain individuals, groups, countries or any organization. Identity Theft or Invasion of Privacy? Spying could be both. Even stolen credit card information can be used to alter an individual's identity. Skip this part if you don't have a credit card.
How they steal your identity from your credit card? Firstly, they might use the credit card information to run up huge bills, forcing the credit card firms to suffer large losses or they might sell the information to other who is interested to do the same thing. Secondly, they might create new identities. For example, a criminal might contact the issuing bank of a stolen credit card and change the mailing address on the account.
Next, the criminal may get a passport or drivers license with his own picture but with the victim's name. With a driver's license, the criminal can easily acquire a new Social Security card. It is then possible to open bank accounts and rece…

Smart Voice Wireless GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System SMS GPRS 433MHz US plug

Description 1. Model: G65 2. Color: White 3. Input power: USB 5v 4. Standby current: <60mA 5. Alarm current: <300mA 6. Wireless frequency: 433 MHz 7. GSM format : support GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHZ 8. Backup battery: 3.7V 800mA Li-battery 9. Battery standby time: 8h 10. Siren loudness: 80db 11. Wireless distance: 100 meters 12. Wireless defense zone: 1-94 zone 13. Wired defense zone: 95-98 zone 14. Emergency: 99 zone. Features 1. Easy to learn and use. 2. Host has 99 zones, wireless zone has 8 kinds of zone types for option and each zone can be individually switch alarm. The host has 4 wired zones. Each zone is set to normal and emergency zone and used separately (95-98). 3. Four groups of timing arming and disarming function,each group of timing arming and disarming can choose weeks,eliminating the need for frequent manual disarm , truly intelligent automatic control. 4. The host dials 8 groups of telephone numbers user set when alarm, power off does not lose the number 5. Seven seconds autom…