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Identity Theft and Invasion of Privacy

What is spy? Spy is secretly obtaining information about certain individuals, groups, countries or any organization.
Definition of spying
Spy definition from Google.
Identity Theft or Invasion of Privacy?
Spying could be both. Even stolen credit card information can be used to alter an individual's identity. Skip this part if you don't have a credit card.
Stainless steel cardholder
Stainless steel cardholder everyone?
How they steal your identity from your credit card? Firstly, they might use the credit card information to run up huge bills, forcing the credit card firms to suffer large losses or they might sell the information to other who is interested to do the same thing. Secondly, they might create new identities. For example, a criminal might contact the issuing bank of a stolen credit card and change the mailing address on the account.

Next, the criminal may get a passport or drivers license with his own picture but with the victim's name. With a driver's license, the criminal can easily acquire a new Social Security card. It is then possible to open bank accounts and receive loans with the victim's credit record and backgroud.

The real credit card's owner might remain unaware of this until the debt is so ridiculuous that the bank contacts the account holder. It's too late after that so check your wallet now. Be glad if your credit card is still in there.

Stolen Smartphone
Nowadays, the criminal could get a lot of private information from your smartphone. Even your smartphone is Iphone XS Max, you think they can't access your phone without your face? Think again..

Many apps or at least some of them are malicious. They could steal your information from certain apps you download and install. If you know how to jailbreak or root your phone, that would be great to eliminate any unwanted files in your phone.
Iphone XS Max the most protective phone?
Watch out if you are typing passwords to open your social media's account in public. Maybe someone is watching your phone's screen from the back of your head or shoulder. Using phone now is nothing like using it in 90's.

If you are losing your phone in 90's era, you lost your phone and contact numbers saved in it. But, if you lost phone now you may lost more than that. Even your budget smartphone can't be underestimated.
Oukitel C12 Pro is not to be underestimated.
It's not about the price of the phone but your private information in it. Your private information could be abused by the bad guys.

Take care of yourself, your family, your wallet, your credit card, debit card, your smartphone, your car, your house and everything related to you. Your personal information is not intended to be misused by the irresponsible person.

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Identity Theft and Invasion of Privacy
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