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SENS8 Home Security Camera System with Alarm / Siren, 1080p Smart Wireless / Wi-Fi Indoor Camera, No Subscription, Work with Alexa using IFTTT, Night Vision, Two-way Audio

Logo Sense8
We designed SENS8 to be a beautiful work of art, combining form and function. The unibody design is intricately machined from solid aluminum.

Set up takes just minutes, and SENS8 can be placed anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet. It is completely portable, light-weight, and requires no installation. SENS8 embraces creativity with technology to ensure users have peace of mind whether they are home or not.

Motion-Activated Video Recording
When SENS8 detects any unusual activity, its camera will be triggered to record what’s happening. You don’t have to check endless hours of footage of an empty room as only important activities will be captured.

5-Second Lookback
To make sure you never miss anything important, SENS8 captures activity 5 seconds before a triggered event, so you will have access to the whole event, from start to finish.

SENS8 protects you even without AC power
With other security devices, when an intruder cuts the power you are out of luck. SENS8 has them beat, with an internal battery that will keep the alarm sounding and the device running for about two hours.

Revolutionary Storage without Subscription
  • No monthly-fee, you can directly upload video recordings to your Dropbox/ Google Drive without subscribing any cloud storage services.
  • SENS8 also supports 8G local storage, which adopts built-in eMMC memory. Saving 800 clips of 1080p video recordings with bank-level encryption, the memory will NOT be taken away like SD memory card.
Easy to Use
  • Download app, power up and connect. It takes just a few minutes to set up.
  • Intuitive to control, the SENS8 app lets you protect what you care with just few taps.

Accurate Protection
  • Alert rules are customizable, and you can set the alert thresholds as per your own requirements.
  • SENS8 eliminates false alarms thanks to a sensor fusion algorithm

Peaceful mind during vacation
  • Look after home and see every detail 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • SENS8 will alert you to threats like break ins, floods, leaking pipes, freezing temperatures, and more, which brings you peace of mind when you are on vacation.

Care for the elderly

Keep an eye on family members who need to be taken care of. Get assurance that they are being cared for effectively and safely.

Take care of your baby

With light, temperature and humidity sensors, you can create a healthy environment for your baby. It also offers you the opportunity to observe how they are learning and developing.

Protect your home 24x7

Featuring 1080p HD camera with night vision, SENS8 is empowered with great picture. Providing illumination via Infrared LED, SENS8 captures any sign of disturbance during the day as well as in complete darkness.
Price : $198.27 $140


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